“I would recommend using this book as a lesson in a music classroom.”

I am a second grade teacher and I was given a copy of the book, “Disco at the Disco” along with a lesson videos to use with my class. I began by showing my students the intro video and I am so glad that I did because I did not realize how many of my students had never heard of a “Disco” or even knew what a “Disco Move” was. After connecting it to history, I read the story for our read aloud time. I modeled how to use expression¬† when reading by changing the sound of my voice to match each sound effect. Students then practiced changing their voices also along with me. They were a little confused by what the dance moves were so I am glad Cherie also included a video on the dance moves which we used as a brain break. They had fun with the dance moves and learned that is it okay to express yourself by the way you dress and the way you dance. I would recommend using this book as a lesson in a music classroom the most because students can practice keeping the beat and learn the history on how and why this type of music/dance was created.

-Lindsay A.