“fantastic music and art”

Cherie Busby is a fantastic music and art teacher!  She has been working at my child care facility for over a year.  She’s been teaching art and music to my toddler classroom as well as my preschool classroom.  Cherie is very creative with the materials she brings to class and always finds new ways to surprise the children.  Every week she brings in different music instruments and songs.  The children love Cherie very much.  The best endorsement came from one of the preschool boys when his parents asked him what day he wanted to go to Disneyland with them.  The boy answered, “Not on Thursday!  Cherie teaches music on Thursdays and I don’t want to miss her class!”  I highly recommend Cherie Busby.  She is a well trained Early Childhood Educator who understands child development and integrates her profound knowledge into her lesson’s planning.

Stephanie Raleigh, Owner/Director at KinderhouseLA.