While riding in the car, we may listen to music we like with our kids.  However, often parents find themselves with a variety of kids songs in the car and stuck in their heads.  “Baby Shark,” songs from Moana, Frozen, and many others.  These songs are fun, catchy, and important, kids should have an array of ‘kid-music’ to listen to.

However, there are reasons to play many styles of music for your kids.  As a matter of fact, you can even make an adventure of exploring new musical styles right along with them.  Music is a pretty awesome method for bringing different cultures into your home.

Think about blues or punk or salsa.  These music genres have their origins in very different people, places, and eras.  Imagine all the things you can explore with just those three genres, different fashion, ideas, historical events, and more!

If you’re not sure how or where to start.  I’m here to help! 🙂  I’ll be going through different genres from A-Z with the ABCs of Musical Styles.  This will be a series of videos that will focus on both a letter of the alphabet and a music genre that starts with that letter.  We will dive right into the who, what, when, and why as well as how does the music sound.

Check out the first video, ‘A is for ALTERNATIVE ROCK Pt. 1’ below and follow on Facebook or Instagram (@musicallytrained) as we go through each genre and explore in a way that is fun and accessible for the whole family.



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I absolutely love coming up with songs and dance moves.  Below are some of my favorite song creations.  Listen as often as you like and, if you find one that you really like, click the link to own your very own copy.  I hope you have as much fun listening and dancing to them as I had creating them.

MOZART’S CART – Mozart was such a great musician that he traveled all around as a child.  But, he did not travel by car, bus, plane, or train.  Listen to what life was like for little Mozart.

FOUR-ON-THE-FLOOR – the kick drum, the hi-hat, and the strings can be heard in a lot of disco music.  Sing along and make the sounds of the instruments as you stomp or clap the four-on-the-floor rhythm.

THE BEAN BAG WALK – have a bean bag, sock, or something else you can balance on your head & catch?  Try out the Bean Bag Walk song.

SPIDER WEBS (live) – spiders do a lot with their webs, so let’s sing about it?





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Explore music. Explore the world.



“DR. KING” – Call and response song for kids.  Continue the celebration of Dr. King and Black History Month with this fun song!  Listen to a live snippet below. Mailing list members will receive a download of the recorded version the second week of February.  Enjoy and spread peace and harmony.


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Find picture books that bring music to life.


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Disco at the Disco is out now.  The Musical Mable series is coming soon.  Learn more…

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Watch and discover all the wonderful things different genres have to offer, instruments, dance moves, yodeling, and more!

Just listen or find more videos.

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Bring unique genre classes to your students, home, or community.  Classes are mobile & I do birthdays! 🎉 

Paint by Genre and Themes & Things music classes. Learn more…



All the ABCs of Musical Styles videos plus more ways to experience classical, disco, alternative, and more.

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beanbag - vibranceHi!  I’m Cherie Sola, a wife, songwriter, educator, writer, musician, and all around lover of all things creative. The arts have helped me express myself, study, and relate to people from many different backgrounds. Music, in particular, has been one the most impactful things in my life.

I’ve been involved in music from a young age, learning to play both piano and violin. It always amazed me that there were so many songs or compositions to fit my moods or show that others had felt what I was feeling.  I listened to everything: soul, r&b, funk, rock, jazz, classical, blues, country, grunge, K-Pop, new wave, and more!  I decided to study music in college.  There, the Rock & Roll History course further opened my eyes to how cool the history of music is and how much the culture and times influence music, and vice versa.

My first job was working at a childcare center.  I loved it.  I always enjoyed reading, tutoring, singing, and volunteering with children.  I decided to turn both my love of music and working with children into action.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Music from the University of Colorado at Denver and went into studying Early Childhood Development. My venture into music education started with teaching private and group piano lessons, mommy & me music, and preschool music classes for various companies & organizations around Los Angeles. I then embarked on my own business journey. Aside from continuing to read up on, and study, emerging trends in the fields of music and early childhood education, I continue to take classes to expand my own creative mind.   I am certified in CPR/First Aid with years of experience working with, and volunteering with, children; I’m also Trustline registered.  Currently, I enjoy volunteering with the wonderful organization Adventures to Dreams Enrichment.  My philosophy is to treat all children as individuals who process and learn in their own unique ways.


mt logo - croppedThe power to find beauty in the world lies in our own hands.  My goal is to enable young children to engage with all the unique styles and cultures involved in music so they can bring that understanding with them in life. What better way to engage in history and culture than through singing, movement, discussion, and visual art?!

All of these elements weave wonderfully together and create a truly engaging learning experience.  Music helps develop self-expression and allows easy access to other cultures and ideas. I would love for children all around the world to have this experience.  So, I’ve created books, songs, activities, and other tools in hopes of helping in the field of music education for young children. Of course, I still have silly songs and lively action tunes too!  You can listen to original music, and some classics, on the Songs page and the Videos page.

Children should be able to become strong learners while still enjoying the freedom to explore and play!  I welcome suggestions from parents and educators so, please reach out with any thoughts you may have.

If you are in Southern California, contact me to find out about bringing the Paint by Genre class to your home or school.  All classes offered by Musically Trained build music theory knowledge, fine & gross motor skills, as well as aid in socio-emotional development.  I created the hybrid PAINT by GENRE class to allow children, ages 4 – 6, to experience the connection between music and visual art.  Find out more about the class here.