music time
I absolutely love coming up with songs and dance moves.  Below are some of my favorite song creations.  Listen as often as you like and, if you find one that you really like, click the link to own your very own copy.  I hope you have as much fun listening and dancing to them as I had creating them.

MOZART’S CART – Mozart was such a great musician that he traveled all around as a child.  But, he did not travel by car, bus, plane, or train.  Listen to what life was like for little Mozart.

FOUR-ON-THE-FLOOR – the kick drum, the hi-hat, and the strings can be heard in a lot of disco music.  Sing along and make the sounds of the instruments as you stomp or clap the four-on-the-floor rhythm.

THE BEAN BAG WALK – have a bean bag, sock, or something else you can balance on your head & catch?  Try out the Bean Bag Walk song.

SPIDER WEBS (live) – spiders do a lot with their webs, so let’s sing about it?