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Cherie’s greatest joy is working with children.  So, it is no wonder that her school visits are fun and engaging!
Disco at the Disco captures many things, fashion of the 1970s, instruments and sounds, rhythms, dance moves, and diversity.  Cherie discusses some historical aspects of the 1970s ,that influenced disco music, before doing an animated reading of the book.  Children will make instrument sounds and be asked questions throughout to focus engagement.
Following the reading, students try their hands at some of the dances mentioned in the book.  They then practice the four-on-the-floor rhythm and test out a kick drum!
Lastly, children are given coloring sheets to help them remember and interact with the content later.
Families can pre-order books at a discount to receive a signed copy during the visit.  Books are also donated to the school’s library.   The time is fun and educational and Cherie would love to bring this experience to your school.



Paint by Genre -Purplewhite

Paint by Genre is a  55-minute class, for children ages 4 to 6, that focuses on specific genres (styles) of music.  Over the course of the classes children will:


  • dig into different genres through songs, movement, and stories.
  • express their experiences and emotional understanding of the genre through painting.  The paintings are taken home & serve as a great way to revisit and talk about the music later. (Name that Genre is a 40 minute non-painting option, also available)
  • explore new instruments such as piano, trumpet, and banjo.
  • play theory games that build musical skills children can apply to any instrument they may wish to play in the future.
A song using the letter “O.” It’s like a window.


Themes and things is a 40-minute class, for children ages 1.5 to 4 or 4 to 6, that focuses on a particular theme for each class (i.e. farm animals, outter space etc).  During these classes children will:
  • Sing fun songs that teach about the topic of the day
  • Have the opportunity for free dance and guided movement
  • Engage with memorable stories
  • Try out different instruments and techniques for playing them