Disco Music

You can have fun, and learn about the disco era at the same time, with these videos!  They go great with the Disco at the Disco picture book or enjoy them all on their own.

Life of Mike – take a walk with Mike and see what things were happening in the 1970s that made people want to dance and listen to disco music.
Disco at the Disco – Listen to this read along to find out what disco is and about disco instruments, rhythms, and dances and about being yourself.
“Four-on-the-Floor” – Now you know about the kick drum and the rhythm it plays.  Sing this song about Four-on-the-Floor and the instruments of disco music.
Kick Drum Activity – Can you peform the four-on-the-floor rhythm.  Can you do it fast?  How about slow?  Test your skills with this activity video.
Disco Dance Time! – You read about the funky chicken and the bump, now learn the moves, and give them a try!