Take a trip back in time to explore music and culture!  Disco at the Disco takes children, and adults, on a colorful journey full of instruments, fashion, and rhythm.

  • This book will give children a glimpse into the 1970s era through the fashion and dances of disco.
  • Children are encouraged to make the sounds of new instruments and try a rhythm that is a great introduction to keeping a beat.
  • Build vocabulary!  There is a glossary at the front of the book so that you can discuss new music terms with your child.
  • Get active!  Go to the disco activities page and find videos to learn disco moves and practice rhythm with clapping, jumping, and more.
  • Add the coloring book to your purchase to color along and find out even more about this super fun genre of music.
  • Teachers can even download a classroom pack with worksheets, song track, and lyrics.

“It doesn’t matter who you are we come to dance from near and far.  So be yourself, wear what you like, and come to the disco tonight.” These lines from the book sum up the spirit of disco.  Many people found that they could be themselves and feel accepted on the dance floor!


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