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Young minds learn best when you can tie a concept to a concrete thing they already understand.  I have spent over a year, and continue, working on Musically Trained curriculums that do just that. The primary goal is to introduce topics in a fun way that will “saturate the brain.” What better way to fully engage in learning than through music, movement, and visual art?!

All classes offered by Musically Trained build music theory knowledge, fine & gross motor skills, as well as aid in socio-emotional development.  We have general music classes and a hybrid class, PAINT by GENRE, that combines music and art.  Find out more about the classes here. Our general songs incorporate educational subjects such as language and science. Of course, we still have our silly songs and lively action tunes too!  You can listen to all original music on our SONGS page.

We strive to help children become strong learners, while allowing them to still enjoy being kids!  We also welcome suggestions from parents and teachers.  So, please feel free to send us any thoughts you may have through our contact form.


The Spider SongCherie has a Bachelor’s Degree in Music and has studied Early Childhood Development.  Aside from continuing to read up on and study emerging trends in both of these fields, she has taken many classes to expand her own creative mind including acting, painting, yoga, and contemporary dance, not to mention violin, piano, voice, and guitar.  Cherie is certified in CPR/First Aid with years of experience working with, and volunteering with, children; she is also Trustline registered.  Her philosophy is to treat all children as individuals who process and learn in their own unique ways.